Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ok . It's been a fair while since writing.
Not that I haven't done anything in that time, but its all been said before so no need to go over old ground.

I have, it seems, settled into a comfortable rhythm in my life.
Totting things up, if indeed Indeed to keep score, it seems I'm spending about 40% of my time outwardly presenting as her.
Inwardly. well. That's just me what ever the time. 

But its people. People around me now.  I'm meeting so many new folk at the moment . 
Just being out and about in general. Not hiding away. 
All walks of life , different ages & backgrounds. 
Not all who have been exposed directly to my specific life choices or similar,
but then why should they be ?
Expecting folk to just be accepting is I feel a little naive of me. If not a little selfish.
So far though this has been a good thing. It seems that; despite my feelings to the contrary most of my life; people are on the whole pretty nice to be around. 
I spent years not really interacting. Not really joining in socially. Keeping to a small number of close trusted people,  which I think may have generated a very narrow view of the world.
Things are opening up for me. New Ideas. New scope.

I cant say its bringing answers to my situation , but it's opening my eyes to show me I'm not the only one that is; in a manner of speaking; displaced in what is considered normality. 
Its giving me a little more confidence that I should not worry so much about it though.
I have to add , that coming election has done one thing. Got people talking, which really helps gauge where they stand.  Surprised me in many cases too. 

So people.  I might actually learn to like them soon.