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Saturday, March 20, 2010

So Where do I fit ?

Outside Convention, But who writes convention ?
Outside Society, but who’s society ?
Outside the lines, well who paints by numbers ?
Outside the box, but not out of mind.

Between the sexes. Not at all.
Between genders. Genetic barriers are taller than any prison.
Between Ying & Yang.  It’s a fine line between confusion & happiness
Between worlds . There’s only one world for those who choose to see it.

Without Identity. Ego, I & Id are within.
Without definition. Am I out of shape ?
Without consistency.  Maybe a solid failing.
Without a clue.  Mysteriously no.

Beyond the norm’.  Normal is so dull.

So where do I fit?
Only in the space that is left by me.
Nobody's perfect.


Karen said...

So glad I came across this post.
One that hits deep down.