...weird week

Sunday, February 07, 2010

A weird week. Yes & no. 

Glow Havana

I had a few things I needed to pick up for a party I had been invited along to on the Friday.
So I ran into town, from work, during lunch time to see what I could find
Not that this is a problem .  However this was the first time in fully male mode. Which I must say really felt uncomfortable. 
Shopping in female mode I've done a number of times now ,  Never any awkwardness about that.  This situation seems so clear to me.  My attitude now tho that is "This is how I'm presenting, accept it".  In male mode there was this guilty feeling rife in the back of the head that I was invading foreign space. Sorry mate you no longer belong here no matter how you feel. 
Got though it.  Odd though.
Found what I wanted, pink & black accessories.

Wedensday started out with a meal at a local restuarant. 
When & say local , I mean 200 meters from home local, which was fine. 
Decided as it was a bit chilly , trousers , jacket & flat shoes were the best idea for the evening . Then in a typical momentary change of mind went with pencil skirt & heels .  All well & good until the moment I steped out of the door & down came the snow .  The dilema was should I stay or should I go ? . Decided to go for it & walked pretty briskly for someone on heels to the venue.  Only slighty white & damp when I arrived.  
Met with a couple of friends, the place was mostly busy.  Not sure what the party of parents & children made of us three. Nothing was said. so all I guess was ok. 
Good meal , good chat , the world according to T put right once again. Soft revolution plans formed over soft drinks. 
Next time though I think I'll chose the venue & make within veiw of my friends bedroom window instead :O) 

Popped out to the pub one evening , a few friends milling around.  I somehow get talked into doing a talent show spot for the LGBT history month in tmy fine city .  Kind of whished it was just all talk.  These things catch up with us though.

Friday night.  Now here a was an odd evening . 
This was the party to which I had an invite.  My friend Di was comming along to so we agreed to meet up at my house , get changed & ready prior to hitting town. 
The theme for the night was just 'Trash party' , the dress code Bizarre Circus. New York Club Kids. Grotesque Burlesque and CyberDog. James St. James. Party Monster. Club Freak Show. Leigh Bowery. Beyond Drag and most of all TRASH!

Havana L&D

Erm not my usual ,  but  sounded fun.  So I had been putting together a whole overthe top pink & black gothic satin & lace affair together Starting to worry that Ive get to be in public like this for a while .  
Never mind.  
Di had come in a full neck to toe , arm to finger tip  zebra print cat suit. So we were going to look as odd as one another which made me feel strangley better.  
We wet to meet up friends at their shop first , drinks & finish getting ready. Out party now numbered 5. Every one in the spitit of the night . It was going to be fun  :O) 

Havana in with the sin crowd

Walking up the road, the strange crew stopped off of course at the most male dominated Friday night cheap Weatherspoons drinking hole that could be found.....well just for the hell of it.  Its supprising how accepting folk are of a whole group dressed outragously can be. No problem.

Havana Fran

Onto the party .
Sigh of relief .  Were not the only ones dressed. 
It was bing held in a public club though .  Not sure what the main clientel made of us all. Again though ,  no problems .  The music loud , plenty of UV glow sticks & trash dancing the night away . 
Good fun ,  not sure dancing on soft furnished podiums was a good move , but I survived anlkes intact. 
Top night .  Will certainly do another trash party.

Saterday. Di had grabbed the spar room for the night . The day started slowly. nothing much to do .  Another day to be spent in girl mode though .  Di went off shopping in town .  I just had to recover my camera from the shop. 
No really good photos from the night before. As the addage goes , no photos , so did the event happen ? 
Well, not all lost I had my small , nasty camera with me . Not great ,but it did a job. 

Si I had agreed to meet up with Di for the evening .  same routine. Drop round to the flat , get ready go off to teh function. 
Di too had been talked into the TGBT Talent show the night before.  Not enough time for her to sort out her keyboard , but opted to sing instead. I wasnt alone .  My lackluster agreement to do this thing seemed now to be set . No choice .
Dressing a little more sedately than the previous night & had to lug guitars & amps to the pub . Dicide what I was to do & try & set up . Kill the nerves & figure how to make this as painless as possible. 
Well , not only have I never played in a dress before.  I've never played to a crowd of more than 2 before let alone a packed pub waiting to be entertained.  Anothe r couple of firsts to tick off the list.
Much fretting about fretting on stage.   

Of course they wanted me to go first & kick the whole thing off.  Arg no.  I could happily have walked out then.  & should of. 
Little things that go wrong can have a dramatic effect on you. 
Having to reset the amp at the last moment to suit the P.A. didnt help. Setting up while the DJ would turn the music down didnt help. Changing my mind at the last moment & playing something completely different didnt help. Standing playing   instead of my usualk sitting & playing didn't help . My guitar strap beaking once I had started didn't help,  pulliung the jack plug out when ~I went to retrieve thestrap didn't help at all.  So when I resumed , confidence was shot & I was a bit all over the place. 
Having said that , great relief when it was over.  Let me get on the enjoy the rest of the evening.  Di was quite pleased she was up next so she could do the same I think.  As nevous as I &  this is someone who has performed on a bigger stage before. 

Oddly I didnt win :O) 
Sunday. Girly shopping day .  
New shoes skirt , fair bit of window shopping & changing room invasions. All good.
Nice to have some one to go along with for once. 
Di was out looking for a new dress for an Anti valantines day next week. 
I was happy that the shoes were only a pound more expensive than the parking :O) 
Enjoyed that. 
Afternoon tea I John Lewis & home. 

Good week .


Pandora Caitiff said...

Wow. Very busy.

I should really get off my arse and do a bit more in the city. Haven't been to the Wheel in aaaages. And still haven't attended any of the Trash nights.

I'll be at the LGBT anime thing on Monday en-homme but I doubt that's your kind of thing :)

Anonymous said...
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Lara Tyg said...

What & wheres that.
.....and you asking a cartooninst is she doesnt like anime. Akira being one of my fav animated films :O)

Pandora Caitiff said...

Monday 8th Feb (tonight) 7pm to 8pm at Wensum Lodge, King Street.

Its a discussion/talk about the removal of LGBT character in Sailor Moon when it was re-dubbed for American telly.