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Monday, January 25, 2010


Another varied week. 
 On Saterday I find myself being asked to do wedding photographs for a friend. I had to point out that my ability with a camera is pretty limited & wouldn't really be fair on the couple, but it looks like I may be doing it in conjuction with a photographer friend of mine. This will be a first. Eep ! .
After an evening out on Wedensday I find I have agreed to do catwalk for friends of mine who run their own Couture fashion business, to be combined with a charity event being run by the local City College.  Eep too!
Begs the question should trannies do fashion shows, not sure how seriously other folks involved will take this. Oh well.
Friday I made a bit of a snap descision to travel down to Milton Keynes to attend the Angels 10th birthday party. 
So to start with I took Friday off work (relief) & went shopping in the city center. Thought I would go & find something new for the evening. Anyway a fair bit of looking aroud, couldn't find a thing that leapt out at me & shouted 'buy me' ,or if it did, then of course it stopped at size 12. Curse my frame. So a bit of an empty start......well apart from raising a few eyebrows which always makes me smile.
So I jumped into the car. Sensible flat driving shoes for once & comfortable outfit( as pictured above) & off I went.
Discovered what a dreadful place Milton keynes was to drive around. Someone seems to have overkilled on the round abouts. Like driving around concrete crop circles.
I had managed to blag a room at the Hilton Doubletree Milton Keynes cheaper than a travel lodge. A big hotel doing luxury rooms for £35 a night with breakfast, whats that al about ?
Ammused my self at flustering the receptionist on her first day in the job, but she was pleasent enough. As were the rest of the staff
Another first for me, hotel booked in her name . No problems.


The aim was to go to Pink Punters for the do in the evening. A place I've always told my self was a bit off limits. The idea of a hundred trannies in one place is almost my vision of hell, but in the end was really quite pleasent & casual.
I wanted to just meet a few people I had either spoken to or communicated with over the years, just a hi & hello. Which , with my limited social skills I attempted & failed. I always find talking to near strangers somthing of a daunting challenge. Possibly still the shy teenager left in me mixed with my own brand of awkwardness. I was a bit supprised though just how many faces I seemed to know , even if the names were not there in my head. Dont quite know why that is. I'm not one to scour the internet or spam forums or even use Flickr much these days, but It seems the trans community is full of such varied & lovely people & they all descended on MK this week.
A few new people met along the way too, dinner & a bit of a chat, all in all a good evening. A new experience in what is slowy becoming a more comfortable situation for me. . I'm glad I went along instead of being the coward & dismissing the idea as I so very often do at the last moment.

No sure I was so happy about the drive home though.


Jess H said...

Glad you seem to have had a good time, and yay on the hotel booking step :)

Some random guy said...

I love that description on Milton Keynes as featuring concrete crop circles! I've only ever been there once, and managed to avoid it thereafter.

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