...another year.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New among the old
Changes for the new year.
Not resolutions.  
Not intentional.
Just the way things turn out.

I've pretty much stopped drawing.
I've gotten out of the habit of taking my camera everywhere.
I haven't spoken to or seen a number of friends so far this year.
I've hardly picked up my guitar since the new year.
I seem to have lost any spark of enthusiasm and creativity that I may once have glimmered.
I've just stopped going sailing,  which I adore.

It's not that I never intend to do any of these things again , but if I were to define the root of this all I would say that my work has just knocked ten bells out of me at the moment & I can see no let up.

On a positive side I'm comming out of my self a little more. 
Lara's  probably out on the town a little too much at the moment, but getting out of the routine ruts, being varied and doing so much more on my own.
Possibly due to confidence be a little higher & the need to escape from life a little at the moment.
Still a lot of conflict with what I'm doing , but I'm slowly trying to deal with that now.

Oh .It looks like Blurred lines is 3 years old on Tuesday.
Time flys.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Everyone I speak to at the moment (and myself included) is feeling The Blues right now. Work is a hassle (although some more than others), hobbies and interests hold less interest, nights-out seem less appealing, and nobody has any time or enthusiasm.

I'm hoping it's going to shift before something snaps. Maybe some nicer weather would help?

But congrats on the confidence boost. I remember a time when your posts ended with "but then nerves got the better of me and I didn't go". Leaps and bounds, girl!

Jess H said...

Well, first, happy birthday to "Blurred Lines".

As Pandora says I think its a Meeh kind of time at the moment? Cold, overcast, dark. I've said to a number of people that hibernation would be a very attractive option to me right now.

The conflicts will level over time, maybe just to an uneasy truce, but the sands will shift.

Fluffy Pink Duck said...

If it's bad that work has whacked the energy to do so many things like drawing, photography and sailing it's good that you've still you're still making it out and about. It may not be rest and recuperation in the traditional sense but I bet it's doing you the world of good!

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