...picking up the peices

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm left picking up the peices of another weekend still nursing my first hang over in many years.

The week end started with Friday evening at the pub. 
It's a real hot & cold deal on a Friday ,  sometimes a smattering of folk & sometimes packed to the rafters. I've not quite decifered what triggers every one to stay in or go out yet. Probably the phase of the moon
However Friday was a packed night.  All good fun. singing & dancing & general sillines from the crowd.
Which was in complete contrast to Saterday when hardly a soul was out.
Not sure if the evening was enhanced by the staff & locals putting on a skit. Loosy based around the Nativity. Almost train crash cringeworthy, yet bad enough to be compelling to watch.  

Combined with shopping all day Saterday & two late nights in a row I wasn't in the greatest state of mind to go & sail on the Sunday . Weather grey & wet. Cold .  Urg.

Still I had committed myself so out the door I went.  Not so bad in the end. Good to catch up with a few friends I'd not seen in a while.
Still frozen when I got home though.

So tired, cold  and bit hungry.  The simple solution is to get dressed & hit the town again .
Sunday was to be Future Coutures' networking party & Photo studio opening event to which I was invited along to.
I was asked to take my guitar & play, which with a bit of trepidation I did. Playing for the first time to folks I didnt know.  Little nervous about that one.
It was good to get out & meet new folk . There are some wonderful folk out there.  No one bats much of an eyelid to a hideous bloke in a dress. Which is nice.
There are also some really interesting folk out there , that I could quite happily have talked into the wee hours with......oh well actually I did , What I thought was about 11pm actually turned out to be 3am.  Oops.

Anyway , thouroughly good day , I can't thank Carmen, Fran & all involved enough for putting on a good bash.

More drinks , dancing & singing.
Monday morning headache
...but well worth it.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Oi! Enough with the self-depracting comments. You are in no way "hideous".

Sounds like a good weekedn though (in general). I haven't been to the Wheel in ages. My old crowd have stopped being a crowd, and the new crowd is very far away from Norwich :(

Lara Tyg said...

Aww, what happened ?

Lara Tyg said...

....and come to the wheel random Fridays & saterdays , theres good folk around & silliness to be had.

Santas Grotty Grotto being set up by Pequlia this weekend. I cant even begin to imagin what thats all about :O)

Pandora Caitiff said...

Can't say too much (as some of them are online). But let's just say one or two couples are not couples any more. And plans keep falling through thanks to babysitters.

Can't do this Saturday as I'm having dinner with a young lady ;-)
I'll see if she wants to come another time.