...make it stop

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ok , I don't think Iv'e hidden it very well lately that work is getting on top of me.
I'm sure Iv'e vented and bored my friends rigid about it.
Whole new managements , re-arranging companies, friends & colleagues being made redundant & all the emotional mess that goes along with it.
I'm still trying to see through the politics of it all & envisage what the overall future plan is.
Whom it involves & where it intends to go.
All a bit sad at the moment as I was one of the original members that started the company 12 years ago.
However things must move on .
What I can't seem to get & this is the thing that is causing me them most trouble is that people are being let go when there is plenty of work to be done. New & old.
I find myself having to cover 2 1/2 other peoples jobs as well as my own now, which is having an adverse reaction on the quality and quantity of my own works, as well as stress levels.


Sigh .