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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crikey, It was December 3 years ago I scribbled a blog containing the 100 things about me. Well I thought I would update that , & shift it across from my mundane daily blog to here , see what difference three years a one gender muddle has made.

I originally did this when I was pretty new to the whole concept & because I was blog surfing a fair bit. I phrased this then by saying I enjoyed glipsing 'breif insights they give into different lives.'

I had noted the shortest way people were doing this was with the "100 things about me" , so this is mine. Re-done 3 year on.

1. Im Blonde, still blonde , but the hairs a little beyond shoulder length now.
2. My mum is Blonde & from Essex. This is still the case. Bless her.
3. I like blonde jokes.
4. I rarely drink. I slip occationally due to trying to be more social. This is still generally true.
5. I go out of my way not to lie. Honesty is a good, not the best policy, but a good policy,
6. I own Two, maybe three yachts,...well sailing boats, ....I mean Dinghies,.... Small Dinghies. ok, Im poor.
7. Even I consider myself odd, and getting odder with age .
8. Im 6" tall & the shortest bloke in my family. Hurumph. Horray for heels. Id be the tallest girl.
9. I like tea. This is possibly the most fundermental truism at the heart if my very being. Gosh aren't I shallow.
10. My car is pink. - the gayest car in the village so I had been told. (well its my mums car now.)
11. Im not gay. (This may supprise some people). I am slightly more out about my girls side now, although I am in no way pushing this into the faces of folk I know I dont really want to hurt.
12. Im single, again. (and again and again and again. Isn't life lonely )
13. Im cynical and sarcastic.
14. Despite several qualifications in English at school, I stel can't Speell. n that haint emprovereded wi tyme. (starting to despise phone text spelling BTW)
15. "dancng naked in the moonlight" , gosh I haven't the energy for all that any more.
16. My conversations are rarely serious or linear.
17. I like tea.
18. Im a music junkie.
19. I detest vanity & selfishness in people. ......Says the selfish , vain tranny
20. I dispair at society......Well I think society would probably dispairs at me too. Touche'.
21. I have no pets.
22. I tend to kill plants, even plastic ones.
23. My favourite colour changes with my opinions. I like fickle pink at the moment
24. I like to make fun of the French & Welsh, but quite like the Welsh.
25. I've become far more concious of my appearance. Certainly in female mode.
26. I have many, many aquaintances, but few close friends. I think some things are improving slowley, but this is still mostly true.
27. I have ten toes & half a belly button.
28. I not good with people initially......I should say I'm pretty bloody awkward & mostly at a loss for words around folk I don't know well.
29. I have become a net potatoe.
30. I don't own a television set. 8 or 9 years now, but Ive conceded to BBC iPlayer of late.
31. I tend to doodle in my lunch hour at work. An annoying habit.
32. I really do like tea. Its so true.
33. I don't belive there is a god. I jokingly describe myself as an Agnostic fundamentalist. Non devil dodger, However I like the concept of a religion providing a set of rules from which society needs to function.
34. My family moto is "Heres to us & F.T.R." (thats fuck the rest) This was my Grandmothers doing . Seriously!
35. I have one brother who's now a bit older that the last time I wrote this. .....oh wait. Doh.
36 At the age of 33 I gained a secret sister. I learned this at a wedding along with fathers' shocked second wife. Well at the age of 38 I lost a step mother & am still waiting to find out why .
37. Im happy & content....ish. In a sort of happy ,but slightly frustrated at my life kind of way.
38. I can be a little niave. Which improves with time dosen't it ?
37. I once set fire to my school playing field, accident of course. Transvestite fire pixie, your worst nightmare.
38. Im too slim for a chap, getting fatter, too fat for a girl . What else sucks ?
39. I used to play rugby , In the front row as a prop forward. It hurt. A lot. I stepped out of this for the last time this year when I finaly came to my senses ( & found some bits of me didn't work very well any more.). This urge I can say has finaly been layed to rest.
40. I've never ever seen my neighbours in the flat below mine. Still true to this day, I do hear them occationally.
41. I like cats , dislike dogs.
42. I play the guitar badly....and getting worse.
43. I can only sing when drunk. Usually on tables. (Hence see point 4)
44. Im a qualified senior sailing instructor, this frightens the hell out of me with large groups of childen as my responsability. This is getting a little easier with time.
45. Despite my religous standing I am a Godfather. I was tricked!, but I believe in the purpose of the post. ( Actually this is twice now :O) )
46. My lack of opinions over things Iv'e considered pointless or trivial in the past has calmed recently. Although I could never see the point of high fashion for example, I'm find myself increasingly looking at the world with a slightly more female perspective. Finding I get annoyed with small things that just don't match. Not a good description . I find it hard to explain this one. This has not fully overriden point 13 however.
47. Never had a seroius relationship. This makes me sad, but the selfish side of me likes being single & doing what ever the hell I like.
48. I have no regrets. (Well one, Helen Johnson. sigh)....this is an awefully long sigh.
49. Never taken drugs. Although people would disagree.
50. Have three tatoos. Not intentional. Stabbed three times with a pencil as a kid.
51. I have the travel fever. Ive been all over the world ,but never further north than New Castle in England. Go figure !.
52. I appreciate good photography, although Im pretty bad at it myself....I hope I'm learning though.
53. Im self depreciating.
54. I have far less vital organs than I was born with. Thanks Cancer. Athough this saved my life.
55. I feel better than James Brown. No, really I do. ....although James has ceased to feel so good.
56. I stopped running again. It appears my knees have other ideas on the subject of exersize.
57. Im silly.
58. I like jelly babies ,bovril and increasingly exploring Lara apparently.
59. Don't like sprouts, Marmite or the guys who keep hitting on me regularly on line, Grrr. Damn right.
60. I tend to live life on the outskirts of society, looking in, but secretly would rather be part of it. I'm feeling increasingly isolated by the whole gender muddle though. The friends I have made do help this though. Not directly by any means , just by accepting who I am.
61. Don't watch telly, but love movies & read too much.
62. I dropped out of University, but am a self taught mechanical design engineer.
63. Don't own a telephone, what does that say about me ?.......Im behind the times apparently.
64. Like to be out doors......this kind of applies to both sides of me now I guess :O).
65. Need to be doing somthing. Anything to keep my mind happy.
66. I am terrible at small talk , because I can't be bothered with it. Im trying to rectify this, I suspect this is probably the root of points 47 & 12.
67. love meeting interesting people. Which I appear to have done a lot of as of late.
68. Good listener I think. People for some reason ask me for advise. As if I know anything.
69. Stopped drawing and painting for a long while because of social pressure. I realise this was stupid because it made me happy. I've been attempting to rectify this for three years now. Not produced a thing that has made any sense to date , but Im happy.
70. I can't delogate. Control freak I think or like things done my way....and is the girl is a bigger control freak .....or just extreamly paranoid. I can't decide.
71. Genuine Trans folk yay, hairy arsed creepy admirers... yawn.
72. Milk chocolate not dark.
73. Shy. Very. At 20 I wouldnt use a telephone. That level of shyness. I think this is waneing a little . I think iv'e got to an age where I don't particularly care what folk think. Mostly
74. Like children, dont understand them....and they keep getting younger. Whats that about?
75. Ive not decided what I want to do as a career yet. Im only 38!
76. I have no want for material things. Money is only a nescessary evil. Work & money or free time. Give me the time everytime. Despite shopping a little more frequently now I still hold this premis.
77. Hated shopping in male mode. I have a 'seek & destroy' method, know what you need, go get it , get out. done. Things may differ here between us. The girl side looks at shopping in a different light. What goes with what , what colour , can I get away with that etc which makes this a far more personal thing.
78. Don't like clubbing, love rock festivals. Even been to good Jazz festivals if that's not a contradiction.
79. Fav' season : Autunm.
80. Movie Icon : Audry Hepburn. (Swoon)
81. Fav band: OMG its' I think it's Motorhead. Some things will not change although I am softening.
82. Fav' slut.: Wendy James (Transvision Vamp). Every one should have a favourite slut!
83. Fav' marsupial: The Echidna.
84. Secretive... no. I only have the one, which is pretty much out in the open here.
85. Im the only one of my group of freinds still not married. OMG! I'm going to die lonlely. This is rapidly getting truer and truer. (Bed sits, pot noodle & loneliness for me then.)
86. My brother, mother & I have been homless & on the street once. Now we have too many homes to live in at once between us. I belive fortune is a fickle thing. Take your oppitunities.
87. Don't smoke, but I may have mentioned I like Tea.
88. Am an avid sailor ,but am pretty much terrified of the sea.
89. I like to frighten the hell out of myself. Its the adrenaline rush.
90. Last album brought : The Mars Volta Bedlam.
91. Last ablum aquired : Metalicas Death Magnet.
92. Have difficulty with Disney films. Far too Sacharine. Im not going to move my stance on this one.
93. Hate the corperate. I think its the blandness of it.
94. Like being with freinds & just talking. Always the last to leave. Does this make me clingy?
95. Am a really bad cook. I think it's because I can't be bothered with food after I've cooked it.
96. I prefer the utilatarian over the pretty. Dont understand the need for designer labels. This is still true of the girl. ok Im not quite so harsh now. I still dont see the point of expensinve lables just because of a name.
97. Im a different person to each of my groups of freinds. None ever seem to meet...and may this carry on for the time being until im ready or come to my senses over this whole thing.
98. I like spotted dick, the pudding.
99. We all claim to be from somewhere, when at home I claim to be from my native London. Out of Norfolk I will defend the county beyond measure. I don't think I alone in this behavior.
100. I like to smile & joke.
101. I always take things one step too far.

So whats the difference between the two lists, ive tried to keep them pretty much how I wrote in o7. Fundermentally not that much. I think as a person overall I have just moved on. Girl or boy I'm pretty much the same person. The same anxiaty ridden mess underneath the dress.

...its a prettier dress though now.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Well that was interesting.

Definitely agree with you about tea :)

Would I be right in thinking the stalker pervs are the sort that make disgusting comments on Flickr?

Fortunately I don't get too many. Or maybe I'm just not their type :S

Miss K said...

Hw weird. I used to play prop forward too (at school).

Terrible business.


Scarlet Traces said...

no.55 made me laugh :)
I do like these lists...