...Good start to the year.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I had decided during the week that I was not going to go out on the Wedensday.
I seem to be out at least once a week at the moment.
Surely too much of a good thing is deprecating ?

Anyway, the main reason for this. I had to take a half day off from work today.
Hospital appointment with one of those examinations that is not to be coughed at. No really, I wouldn't dare cough out of place.
Kept waiting, which is always pretty dull. Twice as bad when you turn up early. Never mind. A couple of hours reflective boredom is surely good for the soul ? (Not)

Long and short. All is still clear. This will be about 4 years now.
A few years ago I had to undergo some fairly major surgery once cancer had been diagnosed. The thing I had done is not always successful & I'm told about 30% of folk have some sort of troubles afterward.
I should and do still consider myself extremely lucky. To date not a blip. The results today were pretty instant. Clear . Clear is good. I try to think back & give myself a stiff reminder every now & again that life is pretty harsh & will kick you at every chance.
Celebrate it when it's being good to you.
So I decided I would go out after all. :O)

....but oh. 7pm meant I also had a dental appointment to replace my filling. :O(.
urg...just a coincidental day for these things.

This left things in a bit of a rush to get back home & keep
Reasonably presentable in 3/4 of an hour is pretty good going I thought.
Going out with a numb tongue & face is still pretty odd though.
I'm sure a slurring, drooling, wild haired tranny is a number of peoples worst nightmare.


alan said...

Not nearly as much of a nightmare as a world without you!

Congratulations on the 4 years! I shall wish you another 100 or so to follow!