...that was the week.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Not sure I want a week like the last for a while now.

Sat & Sun were teaching days, on the water all day, high winds & little to eat set the working week off to a shattering start.
I addition to the slightly abnormal 8 to 5 drag an excessive number of meetings in the middle of Cambridge did not make for a relaxed week.
Monday running around like a loony at lunch time getting the exhaust fixed that half fallen off my car. I had to leave at FastFit, because they could not live up to their name. Fortune had left my bike in the back of the car so it was a dash back to work & pick up after. Of course it rained.
Monday evening saw a committee meeting drag past 10.
Tuesday, the normality of my week ,but still included the evening drudge around the supermarket.
Wednesday was supposed to be a bit of a treat. I was give the chance to take a few hours off work & go Carting with My department. All good fun. Came third overall after my competitive side kicked in. Getting home an hour early was bit of a coo also a Lara was off out that night.
This meant things could be taken at a little more leisurely pace for once.
So Wednesday evening was quite pleasant. Nice company, everyone in a buoyant mood so it seemed. Well that is apart from the one, half asleep in the corner, with forearms that felt like Popeyes, because she had been Go Carting for several hours. Back home by 12.
Thursday no rest. Work, then rush out the door at 5 to make it to a kids sailing course that I had been roped into several weeks prior. The idea of several hours out on the water of an evening would normally appeal. Spending it with some of these kids did not. I'm normally quite relaxed with children just being children & fooling around a little . Out right rudeness is another thing.
Its odd how one child can spoil a whole groups night. It also rained.
Friday. Yet another meeting & 120 miles in a car with no parking at one end. I had also been invited out by Pandora as she and her friends were coming to the area for a Karaoke night.
So for the second time in the week out goes Lara.
I arrive about an hour early for once & conceal myself at the back of the pub.
I'm really quite surprised to see another TV there, I don't know why I should have been . Just wasn't expecting it. We exchange pleasantries & go about our own business.
Now what happens next is the first time this has happened to me.
I'm aware of verbal sniping going on in the back ground. Aimed at me or the other girl. I'm not sure it matters.
This does little for someone with little confidence at the best of times. I think being on my own left me little open & vulnerable. I think I've got to except though that this is going to happen & get over it, or don't and just stop going out. It's a simple choice.
I was grateful by the time Pandora & the others arrived though, although I apologise If I had slipped back into reserved mode.
So I left early. Car blocked in the car park. I nip back to find if I could get it moved. Nope. By 12am I'm a little miffed & cold waiting for the guy who I think has left it there for the night.
I had to walk home. Only a mile. But the longest mile I've walked.
Some thing I have not had to do before & don't wish to again.

Sat morning, Up at 6:30 & remove makeup after I just crashed in bed the night before.
Back out on to the water for the first day of my new course. Good Kids. Terrible weather at times.
The squall that came through & flattened the whole fleet was not fun to deal with.
This combined with the sailing base inspection that was taking place could not have been less welcome. We passed with flying colours I'm glad to say.
Thank goodness Sunday was slightly more sedate ....it still rained though.

Monday & I'm glad my mum rang this evening & said come for dinner.
I shall now sleep & dream of a quieter week aahead.


Jessica Hart said...

Yep, I know about weeks like that. You have :)

Jessica Hart said...

Sory, that should have said, "You have my sympathy :)"

Pandora Caitiff said...

Oh heck! Last week seemed cursed for cars. Mine died Tuesday, and sent me into a right tizzy for the rest of the week!

Sorry to hear you experienced bitchiness on Friday before we arrived. I just hope it didn't spoil the entire evening. Although I guess the parking/walking did that.

I doubt the comments were aimed at you. You are far more convincing than me, and I never get any trouble in there.

Fingers crossed for a better time this week!