Once upon a thyme

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Weeds who lived in the little, sunny field, over the fence grew amongst the most luscious grass Dennis had ever seen. Dennis loved grass ever so much. His desires got the better of him. So one day he began to plot.

The grass was certainly greener on the other side of the fence, between the hedge, a rock , all the sandy aral land & all the way over to the holly bush land.
Now greedy Dennis just figured he could take what he wanted.
"Who would mind anyway?" he bleeted.
Heck he was a big chap. Were a bunch of little weeds going to stop him. ?
Now what he needed was a jolly good excuse to jump the fence. A diversionary ruse. Something to pull the wool over the eyes of onlookers.

He knew the smug Weeds had been taunting him for a long time. Playing tricks & calling him names.
Well one day it just so happened Dennis caught wind that something bad was being conceived by the Weeds that may harm the friendly field mosses. (Well the did spray chemicals on the Herbs along the fields borders a bit once)
"Right , Can't have that now" shouted Dennis.
(plus what an excellent smoke screen for his grass plan.)
Not that Dennis cared much for the Mosses, but if he could find an excuse to protect them then he could move the flock into the field & grab all that loverly grass.
So Dennis looked & looked & looked, but despite all his toils he never did find any evidence of the Weeds potential to harm the moss. Only the odd lichen scrapper which at best could only do minor damage to a rock.
Eventually he went back to his field feeling silly & still none the wiser as to what game the Weeds were playing. Worse still no reason to grab that sweet, sweet grass.
Baaaa humbug.

Dennis decided some thing a little more direct was called for. He rallied the flock & marched into the lush green pasture and over ran the hapless Weeds.
"We will take control at grass roots & help them to a better life", Dennis Explained.
Oh,but poor Dennis was such a one dimensional & slightly opaque fellow. A puddle was not so shallow as Dennis. Everybody guessed what he was doing and shouted 'Boo' & 'Tsk Tsk'
They should have stayed his side of the Bush with the other sheep.

The longer he hung around the field the more paranoid he became.
In the back of his mind , Dennis always thought the daisies were now plotting against him.
They seemed to pop up every where. Tripping up his every move.
This underground movement seemed to be growing underfoot.
He was trying to help them . Honest .

So little by little the Weeds bit back. Surely this insurgence wasn't playing his little game ?
Not fair. Dennis felt a sudden shift in positions of power.
A possible 'New weed order'. ?
The seeds had been sewn.

Dennis now had a little food for thought.
Poppies eh ! . The weeds appeared to be bringing the reds into the equation.
The field had suddenly became a far more complicated place.
Dennis seemed to have spent a lot of time & effort & still didn't have all the scrummy grass he desired. Back in his field the rest of the flock had shunned him. He sat down in his feild ,no friends left, the Weeds making fun of him & feeling grumpy.
Tsk , What would history make of him now.

There would be a moral to this tale , but the tale has not yet finished.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that that's working on levels I can't even comprehend.

That or I need to lay off the weeds.

Lara Tyg said...

My mind moves in peculiar ways at times I'm not sure I comprehend.

( Truth is I just like drawing sheep :O) )

Jessica Hart said...

Bored were we :;

Nice work...

Anonymous said...

Bored maybe, I need an outlet to be silly sometimes.
I have a whole website full of this rubbish you see.
Which kind of indicates I'm silly quite a lot of the time. :O)