...I have butterflies

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nothing Deceptive in the title. No under laying metaphor . It is what it says it is.

I spent the day wandering quietly around my mothers garden & within the fields behind, just watching & listening, taking in the summer.
Sorry that's a bit dull, but that's me sometimes.
A humid & warm day. No wind & even less pressing things to do. A little calm freedom for once.
Breathing space.
I indulged in my frustrating habit of butterfly chasing among other things.
Possibly had more luck in one 10 minute spell than Ive had in five years. Oh well.

Warning, don't try this with a camera in hand . It becomes a little obsessive. The little buggers don't stay still for long, & the perfect butterfly shot is next to impossible without the proper kit. ( I simply don't have the right lenses for this.)

But it doesn't matter . The chase is better than the snap.

A Comma Butterfly on the Budlia

A large white (as opposed to the small white I always mix up with Cabbage whites)

The Peacock. Rather a shoddy beaten one I might add.

Good old Red Admiral. Thas' bootiful m'gul.

Small Tortoiseshell (& Comma)

Small Tortoiseshell (Red Admiral & Comma)

A Speckled Woodland butterfly on speckled bramble leaves

I love the colour & shape of the Comma.

Not a butterfly, but it was just as delicate in the very gentle breeze.

Red. How slutty.

Well, It made me happy that there was variety. I never did catch the little cabbage whites on camera. I did try.
Another day maybe.


Jessica Hart said...

Some nice pics there - I wouldn't have the patience, or would get camera wobble. Mind you, you probably need something better than a mobile phone for this :)

Carolyn Ann said...

Darn. I can't "favorite" a couple in Flickr. :-(

I especially liked the ladybug and "The Comma", as I might entitle it. :-)

Carolyn Ann

Carolyn Ann said...

PS One of the reasons I like to favorite photos in Flickr, is so that I have an easy way to go look at them again. And again. And again. And so on. :-)

Carolyn Ann

alan said...

Stunningly beautiful photos! Knowing how frustratingly hard this really is, my "hat" is off to you!

Your "not a butterfly" would make a killer jigsaw...


Lara Tyg said...

Thankyou all.

The irony of this is that the weekend after I managed to get a whole bunch more. Slightly better. After a couple of years of never quite getting one butterfly in focus on film, I now have more shots than I know what to do with.

Don't think it will stop me chasing them though. I like a challenge :O)