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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hmm, the weretranny ventures out again.
It's been some time. Mostly had problems just stepping out. Normally the light nights and folk all around with doors & windows open fuel my paranoia & self doubt . The combination wouldn't let Lara anywhere near the door handle.

Still, I chose my moment & skipped giddily down the road avoiding eye contact where possible. Pretty hard when driving. Safer to keep eyes at least partially open.

Bit of an odd one, I arrived at a reasonable time 8:20 (ish) to find the only life in the pub that night was the group of TV's. Pretty strange the pub is normally at least half full of regular folk. (yes yes , TV's are regular folk too, blah blah)

Now this may be strange to some T folk. Interaction with people may become a common thing when you're happy with yourself & going out regularly. I'm not within that little shaded sector of the Venn diagram. A discomfort zone if you like.
I still have to build my self up to this sort of thing every time I go out. A mental process of telling myself, not to be stupid & that no one gives a damn.

Still not having to deal with people was almost a let down. Is this a sign of wanting to test myself I wonder. oh well. I wont dwell on it. I'm pretty happy to sit quietly & observe instead. (Dumb blonde ?)


Jessica Hart said...

Hi weretranny - did you miss the opening class in tranny school - you know the one about skirts... :)

Lara Tyg said...

I appear to have skipped school a lot. So dangerously under educated.

Now you've mentioned about the skirt thing, I've googled it & realised the big mistakes I'm making. It was just blind luck that shaved my moustashe off. Thankyou Jess :O)