A new tune

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Me buggering about again.
I made up a new ditty.


alan said...

I saw a comment you left at Jessica's and "followed you home", I hope you don't mind.

If this is what you consider to be "buggering about" then I can't imagine what it would take for you to consider someone talented!

Very nice...


Lara Tyg said...

Thankyou Alan the compliment is most appreciated.

I call it buggering about only because I know my limitations.Music is one of those things that fascinates and frustrates me in equal measure . I live in a constant rut with it only ever making tiny progressions.

I'll get lessons one day. Maybe I will have an opiphany .

Lara Tyg said...

Dav , bugger off , your comments will get wiped.