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Monday, March 03, 2008

There's lots of trivial stuff I think during a day that I think I will write down,but never do.
Hence the blog rarely gets an update.

Well I've been holding Lara back for a while now, no reason other than Ive been trying to force a bit of control / discipline on myself. I tend to do what I want when I want. Bit selfish really, but it's the only advantage of being single.

Any way since January , Lara has only appeared a couple of times. Once quite spontaneously last weekend & again tonight. No rhyme or nor reason. Just felt like it.

So what now. Whats the plan.
Well I'll go out on Wednesday. Then after that . I don't know for now.
My plans for Sparkle got shot to bits as I couldn't find a suitable hotel for the weekend.
I felt a little better about this as I've now arranged a holiday bare boating around the southern Ionian for a couple of weeks with friends.
Some compensation I guess, but I know I'll regret my procrastination later.


Jane said...

mmmm sailing in the warm sunny weather enjoying the azure sea, the fine wines and foods or wet, grey manchester and greasy chips, it's a great compensation but we will miss you