...shall I sparkle

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ok , I debated last year about going to Sparkle and decided at the time against it which retrospectively was probably a good thing. I don't think I was anywhere near ready or in the right frame of mind.

The question now this year is shall, I shan't I ?
I think I have gained a little more confidence in myself having been out a few times & finding I want to stretch myself a little further.

The thing is the times I have ventured out have been on my own terms.
The venue about a mile from home & everything about it familiar. The escape route home, the close proximity all felt comfortable within reason.

But to go to an unfamilliar place where I don't know what to expect is a bit of a different matter.
My previous times spent in Manchester while with friends at Salford Uni were to say , eventful.
I found Salford intimidating even when I was a fit 20 year old rugby playng bloke, how the hell I would take it en femme I cant imagine. Hopefully a little more maturely ?

So herein lays my dlilema. I want Lara to stretch herself.
Trouble is she , like I is a control freak & needs to know every thing before being prepared to make the leap of faith.


Anonymous said...

The strange thing is I found the reverse to be opposite: it was easier for me to dress up as far away from home as possible, as I was less scared of being seen by people I know. And I STILL haven't trannied as close to home as you have.

Come to Sparkle! I'll buy you a drink. There, that should have decided it. :)

Pandora Caitiff said...

Arrange to meet up with someone there. Try to get in the same hotel if possible. Then you have moral support and don't have to walk along dark city streets alone.

Personally I'm still not ready for Sparkle. But if you think you are, go for it.

And take lots of pictures :)

Helena Love said...

I really don't think you will have a problem en femme on Canal street in Manchester, especially on Sparkle Saturday, on that day and that place the transgendered will probably out number everyone else 3 to 1, that's what it seemed like to me when I went to Manchester for the first for Sparkle last year. I know the control thing, I packed 3 times and feted about everything and was scared to leave the hotel dressed for the first time, but when I did get out I found it to be actually very safe and easy and got more confident as time went on, even leaving the safety of canal street area and venturing out to china town and the Arndale and Traford centres, and to be honest they weren't that much harder.

Jane said...

As a non tranny Sparkle was fun, there is a lot of people watching going on and curious tourists and the atmosphere is very friendly and laid back.

I'll make sure the drink Becky buys you doesn't have an umbrella in it unless you want one of course.

Lara Tyg said...

Thanks all.
I've been looking up hotels tonight within stumbling distance.
More than likely all filled so the choice is probably made for me already.
I'll see when I get a response from e-mails.

If I get there Becky , I think I'll need that drink :O)

(Silly me I was looking all along the rivers mapped for Canal Street assuming it was by a Canal.)

sophie h said...

I too will be going to Sparkle for the first time this year(with encouragement From Becky and Jane).
This will also be my first real time out in public, and I tend to agree with Becky, That the lowered risk of being recognised by someone from the 'drab' world is very appealing.
Another compulsive 'Worryier'.