...too much

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Is there such thing as too much of a good thing ?
I ask this because I resolved to be a little more positive this year.

There is a connection here. It's pretty vague and swirling in my head, but here it goes.

Tonight I deliberatly missed the girls night at the Catherine wheel.
I made this decision a few days ago and have stood by it.

So why stop yourself doing something that makes you feel better ?
Well because it makes me feel better & because it's pleasent.
Sounds daft ? Well I said this was vague.

When you have too much of a good thing, it's value becomes far less.
The experiences common place.
I don't want my experiences to become common place, ordinary or routine.

Since I have stepped outside , I have tended to dress a lot less.
The lure of going out & having a purpose to dress up is far more seductive.
The buzz of that seduction is something I don't wish to loose.
Yet I assume the more I push the more ordinary the situation becomes.
Ive never looked on this as being ordinary.

The irony being is I do this on Ash Wednesday.
I believe it is the practice to be marked with an ash cross to remind ourselves of where we come from & where we shall return. Dust. Ash. A symbolic grounding of reality if you like.

Well I choose to ground my self today. Step back.
Not to be negetive , but to outwardly be a little more positive about what I do.
To see again why I do what I do. To balance my needs & desires.