...a walk on the dark side

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Snap decision.
I went for a wander at the end of the day today.
Waiting to catch the fading light over the marsh by the river.

This is a really note to myself.
Once it gets dark you have to walk blind along the riverbank
& that's bloody dangerous, stupid !.

(I survived by the way)


Pandora Caitiff said...

You know you could always take a torch...

(Or a tilly lamp if a torch would kill the mood)

Lara Tyg said...

Yep , that would have been sensible.
Key phrase was "snap decision" though.

My motto is be "be unprepared & dont make sensible choices"

Could have checked out the burning Bull rush option though. Utilising my glases to magnify the suns rays to........oh crap.

Pandora Caitiff said...

Ah, fair point then.

My brain was unable to process this option as my motto (when making an unfamiliar journey) is something like:

"Research all travel options (including, but not limited to, bus, train, air, foot, getting a lift and driving myself). Get the number of local taxi firms. Check for planned roadworks. Study several maps. Get a AA route planner. Ask friends their route suggestions. Pack a few essentials. Find a friend/navigator to bring along. Charge my phone. Let friends and family know where I'm going. And finally set off. Reserve the right to give up, and turn back, if too many problems ensue."