...clearing my head

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ive taken a few days off from work.
Needing to clear my head from all the things going on at the moment.
Not just me & my selfish indulgences, but external influences & stresses that Ive allowed to get to me of late.

I find nothing un-focuses me better than just walking.

So spur of the moment, I went out to day.
Just me, extra warm jumper, water proofs & camera.

I wandered the waters edge around Horsey mere ,along the Waxham new cut to the Gap.
Totally empty . Not another soul in sight or earshot.
For me bliss.

Ok. This may not be the natural habitat of the closeted tranny
,But for me in Bob mode this is Ideal.

The weather cold & fresh, slightly overcast with the promise of rain any moment.
It really doesn't matter.

I may be strange. Since childhood Ive always liked being outside in the cool autumn or winter no matter what the weather.
Once wrapped up, it's irrelevant.

So I walked & thought of very little.
Taking random shots & listening to unseen birds squealing their warnings at me.
(I think I was the only Bearded Tit among the reeds this time of year though)

There are few places I am truly happy
The middle of Broadland nowhere or the North Norfolk coast hold something special for me.
Probably harking back to easier childhood times. The places have a calming effect on me.
No pressure , no time table . No worries.

Abnormal service shall be resumed as soon as possible.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Take your time. We'll be here when your ready again :)