...in limbo

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Halfway through my break.
A couple of weeks away from work.
No rest. Im not good at sitting still.

This weekend past & the next coming I've stepped back from being part time instructor to being student again.
It's been a while.
Which means sitting down & studying a little.
(Not truly in the mind set for it though.)

So Lara has been somewhat in the shadows for the last week & a bit. Which is surprising as Ive had all this free time on my hands.
Still, my Sailing at the weekend had left me beaten, bruised , tired, all nails broken or split & hair in rat tails .
Not sure it would be my most enduring look any way.
(A warning to all those out there , long hair & pulley blocks do NOT mix well.)

Well this coming weekend, I'm out on the Blackwater estuary. Trying night navigation exercises.
I'll be in the dark as per usual.

If the posts stop for more than a week , it possibly means lost at sea :O)


Jessica Hart said...

Ah sweet memories of doing Day Skipper in the Solent in a cold October a few years ago...

The examiners favorite question - "You are close in to shore and see a white light, followed by a bell, then a red light - what does this signify?"

A - "Man on a bike on the shore"

Lara Tyg said...

Yeah , Im kind of regretting setting this up for December now.
I took a swim last weekend, Its blooming cold you know !

I think my answer to daft lights questions is to take my glasses off & ask 'what lights?' :O)