...end of holidays :O(

Friday, November 30, 2007

So Ive mooched about & did what I liked for 2 weeks.
All over. Bugger.
Things accomplished include.

Lots of walking.
Not as much photography as I would like.
New PC , Yay.
Passed my advanced sailing instructors endorsement.
Navigation exam , revision avoidance.
Sleeping & drinking tea.

So pretty good I guess.
Didn't take up the offer of a few days in Grenada, really don't think it would have fitted in. Never mind.

Although I went to the hospital today & discovered possibly the reason why Ive been so lethargic, tired & irritable of late.
It appears Im pretty anaemic again.
Bugger , thought I'd put all that behind me.

As for the weekend ,I have two days of god awful weather to look forward to out on the Blackwater Estuary & then back to work. Should put me in a thoroughly bad mood & allow me to stomp around and have a good shout at people when I return.

Vogon Tranny ? :O)

Still I did get a little Lara time this week, (the miserable cow above) enough to experiment & fret about going out next Wednesday Evening.