...wheel on fire

Monday, December 10, 2007

Well it was my third out time at the Cathrine Wheel on Wednesday.
Bit of shock this time , there was a large crowd.
Large to the point that I didn't speak to everyone. I must have seemed a bit standoffish to most. Its just my shyness. Not deliberate. Just me.
Bit of a shame, however it was the first time I've not felt out of sorts. Which felt good. Probably getting used to the public Idea a little more. Maybe not totally comfortable.
The Wheel is only half a mile from home & I'm still a little paranoid about running into folk I know.
I guess I'll deal with it if it happens.

To this end I'm actually looking forward to the 19th. The group have decided to meet prior to Christmas.
I think the time span between now & January was a little too long for some, well good for them. I'm happy to join in :O)


Anonymous said...

"I guess I'll deal with it if it happens."

That sort of sums up, for me, how things change as you mature as a trans-something...

It doesn't get any less likely that you're going to get found out, and your need to go out doesn't get more intense. You just slowly come to realise that if you do get found out, it's not the end of the world!

I'm really glad that you're enjoying this, we'll have to get a Norfolk tranny bloggers meet sorted in 2008! :-)

Lara Tyg said...

mmm, sounds like a pleasent idea.
It wasn't until recently I realised (in my niavity) just how many of us there were around the county.

Just when your thinking your're all alone with this you wake up one day & can't hear yourself through the babble.
SEP fields in action. :O)