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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Times moving on.
I'm pretty sure no one reads blogs any more. There are too many alternatives and too little attention span for such things in these times.
This is more for my outlet now.

Life moves on again.
last year I lost my mother, closest friend and confidante.
She confided in me a few years ago she was aware of my situation in life and told me it didn't matter to her.
That was my coming out,  one I had dreaded all my life. As simple as that it was done. Weight lifted.
For that and a million other things I loved her and miss her deeply.

The year after my somewhat estranged father also took me aside, said he knew and that it was okay.

I feel I have been luckier than the majority of my friends to have such love and understanding.

To loose part of that understanding feel now like a step backward.