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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wandering off on my own

I have been wandering off & doing things on my own a bit of late . Few evenings out on my own for a change.  Away from the recognised crowds & haunts. Not snubbing them , just everyone seems to be branching outward at the moment.
Not first signs of becoming a loner I hope.
However, mid week was a night out with the Hot candys crowd. Ruth had arranged an evening of talk , make up demos & entertainment for all. I know she had been fretting about its sucsess for a while.
She didnt need to worry it was well attended & well recieved by all.
Just a stones throw away from home , back at the Puppet theatre oddly.  I had only been there on the Saterday a few days earlier after an absence of some 25 years or so. 

Not sure I got the out fit right for the evening , maybe a little overdressed in a full length halter neck & jacket. Never mind I felt comfortable enough & not totally stupid as normal .

I can sometimes be accused of going off into a little world of my own. I think this must have been one of thoes occcations. My mistake was bringing my camera.  The building is old, adhoc but definite features, detailed & quirky. All the things I like to look at in architecture. It is filled with puppets hanging from the walls , doors & rafters which give it an oddly morbid, lifeless air, yet stangely appealing.
Each puppet with its own personality, crude or detailed , but all so individual and just a little sad as they hung.

It was nice to chat with the girl behind the bar about the place & the decor. What she thought of a 6 foot tranny wanding around staring at things & taking photos while everyone was elsewhere chatting I'll not know.
I suspect I can be an odd sight , mixed with odd behaviour sometimes.
She didn't bat an eyelid though. Was full of chat & on the face of it fully accepting.  My faith in people is going to be restored one day I think at this rate.

Anyhow ,  I returned to reality.  Bit embarracing to be caught being a geek in public. Not sure its socially acceptable to be truthful.
Back to the Do
Our local Macc make up girl came up and gave a demo, which , for once because she talked through every thing she was doing & why she was doing it was really quite compelling to observe.  I realise I do not have many of the issues some folk have with hiding shadows & the like, but it was nice to hear her confirm a few things I had worked out for myself with my own overbearing, facial challenges.

Katie stepped up & gave what I would call an enthusiastic talk, but from the heart. She is doing her year of reality check before transition. I met her first on probably my third or fourth time out on my own some years ago. I can percieve some changes in her. Maybe a little less forcefull in her outward convictions. Still can talk proffessionally for England.  Not my place to be cynical , but I suspect  her transition into full time may have been a little cushioned in so much as she owned the company she worked for & pretty much told her employies to live with it.  Few have it so easy with working in my limited experience.  However , it was an interesting talk & I'm always glad to hear others perspectives & experiences. One thing that struck me over all was just how happy she was though.  Somthing that only comes with getting your thoughts straight. Good for her.

Pequiliar did a little stand up at the end of the evening . Allways fairly informal with Pequiliar & allways good fun.  Acerbic, cutting & fun . Just how she is in front of an audience or otherwise. Got to love her for that .

So what now . Well, I'm going to have to put such things behind me for a while.  I shall be just under a month at sea taking a yacht on a bit of a cruise around the Med, Agean , Argolic & Adriatic seas before delivering it up to Corfu.  It will I think be easier to leave Lara outwardly behind. Althogh onboard people become effectively genderless & just get on with what they have to do. Its also a bit of a social test. To get along with people in a confines situation requires a certain amount of Trust , understanding & teamwork.  I think if I bring somethng unexpected to the table it could make for an uncomfortable trip.  As yet I dont know the other folk on the crew, so better safe than sorry.   Cowardly maybe. We shall see.


Jess H said...

Hope the sea voyage goes - or is going - well.

Likewise, the voyage through life...