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Monday, September 28, 2009

For once I skipped a Friday night out. It seems buying new toys leaves you counting the pennies. So, alas some things have to go.
Never mind.

I had planned to go to see Pequiliar Bigtops one woman show at the Wheel, but this clashed with something else I had in mind.  Annoying really , but I need a change of scenery every now & again. I'm not a big fan of staleness. Too much of one venue I think would be detrimental to my confidence.

Saterday night I had planned something a little different. A night out at the theatre. Be it only a small one.
Originally I was just going to go on my tod. (Tv's can be lone creatures of the night, it's true)
, but a friend invited me along with her party. Which was really nice of her. I'm still coming to terms with acceptance from others.  The girls are really cool about it though.  Nifty.

So the plan changed.  We would all meet at Ruths, drinkies & get ready. Sounds good to me :O) .
I walked out the door trying to be a little more demure than the evening planed ahead. So it was black tunic top & leggings.  The merest wash of makeup , light foundation , & minor eyeliner.  I'm still desperately trying not to draw attention, especially around my home area. Plus it just seems inappropriate to be too overboard during the daylight hours.  Demure it is then.
Any way , quick drive across the city.  (so happy I got the girliest car I think I could get away with )
Arrive a litle early . Doh, always my way. Bad habbit. Glad to say Ruth was fine , & Im happy to find her buzzing about finding someone. Good .  Everyone deserves to be happy  :O). The homemade wine would certainly have helped me there.

The show for the night was a Burlesque Cabaret. It was being put on in the Norwich puppet theatre. Odd venue & the entertainment may be a little out of keeping . Well yes considering that the theatre is the medieval church of St James almost directly below the cathederal.  I gather they had held a few of them and these had been recieved well enough. We would see.

The girls turned up. Drinks,chat & getting ready.  Corsets , heels & stockings seemed to be the order of the day.  Not so much a trashy look for the evening , but just risque.  As the girls slipped into their corsets I have to admit a little boob envy reared it head. :O) & despite Ruth complaining she didn't have enough to filly out she looked lovely,  as did Chrsty & Karen.
Bit of a new experience for me, being part of the girly pre party session. It's certainly not the tranny atmospere  I've been exposed to in the past.  Far more pleasent.

After a lot of chat , a bit of camera posing , we set off, arriveing fashionably 20 mins late . oops.

The show is pretty good though .  Fast paced , lots of acts. Illusionists, comedy acts that ranged from strangely funny to downright, intrueigingly bizaar ,
Musical numbers from the living doll.  Got to be seen that one. The compare kept things alive. Randon poetry, plenty of good humoured heckling & witty response gave a good atmosphere.
Strip ballet was a new one on me. No full nakedness, but twirling nipple tassles somehow retaining an air of taste.

The venue itself I loved.  Not been in the place since I was probably 11.  & its what you would expect of a medieaval church. quirky building , high vaulted hall, but with the decoration of puppets & odd stage props hanging around the walls. Colour against the white wash walls. Loved it.

Interval music had very much a jazz theme , low enough to talk , loud enough to enjoy. They just managed to get things right.  

The second half , stranger and strangerer . Penguin ventrilaquisum combined with trumpet & teapot playing was a sight to behold. The final act though made the evening.
Very much a Sally Bowels Cabaret moment, Top stuff.

The evening went on after the show. Drinks in the bar. The Dj was playing a mix of upbeat Jazz & swing & jive numbers which hade folk up on their feet.  This created such A good vibe in the place . I caught my self smiling

As for Dancing , well I discovered trying to jive in a satin pencil skirt & five inch heels on an uneven stone floor was not the easiest of trick to pull off. Didn't stop me trying .

The only thing that marred the evening . Karen getting a little too much attention from one chap , which I could see her getting uncomfortable over.  I should have done the decent thing & changed seats with her.  I almost felt I had to appologise for the guys over attention.

Nevermind ,  overall a good evening and considering it was a completely straight venue I was pretty much accepted. I think I only heard , 'oh it's a guy' the once from one of the hen night girls. I can live with that . :O)

Got to thank the girls though ,  they made my evening.  :O)


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