...Waiting for the roar

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I must say I am over eagerly awaiting the begining of October with some impatients and anticipation now.
Taking on a slow yacht delivery.
A long passage has been planned , this time from the Agean Sea ending up in the Adriatic.
For once the journey is not the be all & end all.
I'm just looking forward to life on board again. 
The simple routine. Slow , yet oddly rhythmic.
Being restrained, yet free to wander.
Free from the distractions of home for a while will be a relief & possibly a blessing. 
I'm not one for running away from myself, It truely achieves nothing but this seems such an inviting idea at the moment. 
Maybe just the time away from work , a change of pace & thought process is what I need.