...Life in general

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I seem to have gotten away with wearing Shinny nail varnish all of last week without comment. 
Some times I think I do things with a secret destructive desire to get caught. Stupidity really.
Anyway.  This week has been another mixed one. Getting my new car on Monday was a good start. 
Well I thought it was cute.
Friday night I was considering going out. Always in two minds. Nothing had been arranged so it was just going to be me.  I got ready anyway. Black Trousers , black blouse & a bit of bling. Walked off to the Wheel.  Oh I know I don't need to walk now , but just felt like it. I had a bit of a moment. I have a friend who drives Exec taxis in the evenings. I recognised the car as it pulled up in the road opposite. Im not really wanting my alter ego to be known at work just yet so it was a quick walk into the shadows & a look at the sky as I passed by. I don't suppose I was spotted. The perils of stepping out close to home I guess. Ho hum. The heart fluttered a little , but not as flustered as I once would have been. 
I wasn't expecting to see anyone I knew out that evening , but it was a nice supprise to find Racheal, Jenny & Kat out side in the garden. Cool as the evening was It was still a pleasent enough spot to chat where you can hear yourself.
Kat Does make me smile. Jenny's daughter. They have pretty much come out at the same time .  Kat seems still to be on a high about it all. She had turned out looking very smart, Newley croped hair , Black jeans, long black coat, New mens shoes, white mens shirt, thin tie, waist coat, big smile & full of hyperactive chatter.  I'm glad for her. I seems the mental release of finally being true to herself has been a big release.  If I ever needed proff that the gender disillution goes both ways Kat is the obvious evidence to me. 
It ammuses me that what seem to me quite significant moments in peoples lives can be just dropped into the conversation in an everyday manner.
Rachel off to see the gender specialist for her second appointment, Valarie; whom by then had bounded; casually mentions she had changed her name by d-poll. Perhaps I place too much emphesis on such events ? 
Micheala turns up, followed by Tania & Dusty. So what turned out to be an unknown evening turns into quite a crowd.  Which makes me happy as Im in the middle of the conversations for once , not on the out side looking in. 
Anyway , all good fun.  
Photos in the street with drunk girls :O) Oh dear. But they were sweet.

Saterday was baking cakes day. Well cakes are expected at work for all birthdays. 
Slightly less girly , but a gentle day.
I took a drive out in the new car.  Just me & my camera. 
There is nothing nicer than a drive on a warm day along the North Norfolk coast.
Tried to get some reasonable shots of the Binham ruins , all a little flat though. :O( 
Saterday evening was a spur of the moment meal out. 
I'm not one for celebrating birthdays , but I conceded for once.
Good food and a chat is a tonic in it's self.

A far cry from the previous evening.
I could go on to say Sanday was a bit of a stitch up. Propper bloke day that I wasnt expecting. I ended up Leading a sailing course, but I wont bore with the details of that one.
Just to say Life in general has a contrast for me. It gently moves from male to female in waves.