...in passing

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ok, so Dennis didn't make for a convincing rabbit,.
Some of us muttons never will
....,but at least he felt bunny.

It's a trick I can possibly pull off better than some , but worse than others, & I suspect that's a subjective opinion dependant upon the observer.

The question is why do we put ourselves through the embarrassment of feeling so foolish in front of others ?
...and why do I care ?

I'm coming to the conclusion that the greatest trick to be pulled off by any tranny is the art of being comfortable with inner yourself despite how convincing the outer may or may not be.


Pandora Caitiff said...

For what it's worth, you pull it off better than you think you do :)

K was very impressed too, and thought you choice of outfit helped. Especially when compared to some of us who dress a bit more... tarty!

Having a support network (be that an actual support group, or just tranny-friendly friends) will help a lot towards getting you to where you don't give a proverbial what people think.

On the way from my house to my car I got stared at by a slack-jawed scummer parked in the way. I just gave my best bored stare back until they ****ed off. Their opinion is worthless, therefore they can't make me feel inferior.

Accept the compliments where they come too. A wolf whistle from a passing car should make you flattered, not intimidated ;)

Alex said...

Spot on about sorting out the inner self. I'm not passable to anyone but a blind man on a flying horse. What I do have is an inner confidence that I believe puts people off being rude to me when I'm out in public. They can think what they like, but their opinions are worth less than nothing to me. As long as they are civil they won't show themselves up. :)