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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've been mulling, churning & thinking things over for the last few days. I realise keeping things in your head is not so good.

The situation that stands is that I was aware letters of redundancy were being prepared all in line with correct procedures & consultancy times. This is the second time this yer.
Out of the 50 of us I was one of ten that did not receive a notice.
(although I'm also quite aware that of those 40 only 18 positions are under threat)

Now I'm not so naive as to think 'oh I'm special', I just think I'm in a lucky position that the company would very naive to remove my job until the last dying breath of the company.
...but the company could still die.

This has got me thinking though .
Its all very well be specialist & not easily replaced, but this brings it's problems.
Jobs for specialist are few and far between. I don't want to move away from my home & county again.

So what does a one trick pony do when the circus stops ?

What happened when the dinosaurs could not adapt ?

Time to plan & think of alternatives , adapt & bend.
The problem is , I understand this, Im so used to seeing my way around problems, & finding lateral solutions within my job but looking from the inside out it's hard to see how to bend.

Time will tell.


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