...Sitting cliche'

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Had a good night out last night, but up early & into work this morning.

I not sure quite how odd I must have looked sitting in the meeting insanely chewing my fingers & sitting on my hands.
,but when I noticed the light pink nail varnish I was at a bit of a loss of what else to do.
(there's an unwritten law that says it's simply not the done thing for chaps)

I believe I have now inadvertently reached stage one of the 'Trans-cliche' ladder.

...this is possibly the last time I get lax & remove make up in bad light.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Take up a hobby that involves paint. Enamel paints if you can. I chose miniature wargaming:

"Nail varnish? Nope it's from undercoating Roman Auxila..."

Has the added advantage of stopping any further prying for fear of anecdotes :)

alan said...

Had a friend that reported for duty in our Navy helicopter squadron with his nail polish...(screaming red)...still on one morning back in '74. Noticed by everyone, no one said a word...ever. I took him aside after muster and got him some acetone. He wasn't planning on a career in the service and being the tail of the 'Nam era as long as you did your job no one much worried about the little stuff.

That took a bit longer, I guess!


Rachel said...

Miniature wargaming has worked for me, although these days I just tell people that I'm a transvestite. They find that more acceptable than wargamer sometimes :-)