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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Today was the near perfect winters day for me.
The air a still & cool 3-4 degrees in the early sunrise. Crisp frost on the ground & near silent as I pulled my boat out of the yard.
The low winter sun harsh on the eyes though the crystal Ice blue sky as I drove the 20 miles to the Broad (lake).
Defrosting the lock to get into the park, crunching across the still frozen gravel. Leaf mulch dark brown with crisp white outlines. Ducks scattering from their hiding place in the reed bed as I went down to the water side.

For me , just one of those peaceful moments when nothing really matters.
The water almost a glinting mirror.

Something struck me as odd as I walked back from the jetty. A set of prints on the frost , not my own but that of a dog or fox, small enough to be a cat , but I think too elongated. They were only in one direction , back from the waters edge. I still can't figure this one as there appears to be no cover for anything to spend the night out on the jetty. Odd.

The days sailing was cool, but not the bitter cold of the previous snowy encounter of a couple of weeks ago.
The water absolutely crystal clear with a light, crazed ice sheet across the top in sheltered areas.

I was testing out my Fireball dinghy. One I have been refurbishing & encouraging back to life for the last few weeks. All went sweetly just added to the days satisfaction.

Breaking the ice as you wade in the water always makes me think twice, but all felt right going out on the water. The gentle breeze picked up, but we still felt the warmth of the bright sun. It was not to be a cold affair.
Crewed company of the very nice young Heather helped as she chatted away in a scatty manner. Four hours just seemed to be lost. I like days when this happens. Lost in the moments.

The day ended with a blaze of colour.
I'm kicking myself that I packed my camera away a few minutes too soon , but the sky on the journey home was an explosion of oranges , purples , blues & violets against a wispy cloud line that kept my dangerously distracted as I drove.

Winters not all bad I think.


alan said...

No, winter's not all bad when you have someone with a talent for catching such beauty and sharing it!

Thank you for warming my heart!