...things I shouldnt do.

Friday, November 21, 2008

It seems Lara is going out sociably more often than regular me at the moment, whether that is a good or bad thing I don't know.
However I got some time out tonight at a local gig, but with regard to Lara came to the conclusion on a few things.

a) The mosh pit is not a good environment for the hair or skin. (oily mess & full of buises)
b) It takes at least two showers to feel clean after a gig now. (see above)
c) I'm not fit enough for all that jumping about any more.

Tomorrow night shall be a more sedate night for Lara I hope, although I believe she was promised a Bass lesson just to put a bit of randomness into the evening. Should be fun either way.

I'm hoping my hearing returns to normal by then & the gentle background hiss that I have at the moment goes.
Having partially lost my hearing for a period last year I should know better by now than doing such stupid things, yet there is something inside that tells me I'm still young enough to ignore good advice. Heh.

Perhaps Lara being quiet & restrained is better off doing the socialising for healths sake.


Pandora Caitiff said...

I've started wearing earplugs at gigs (a sound engineer suggested it to me).

You can still hear the music (though at a reduced volume), but what you lose in quality is more than made up for by not having that ringing in your ears afterwards. And by inference, not going deaf or having tinnitus at a young age.

alan said...

Having lost a good bit of my hearing to aircraft and 30 years in a factory, there is much to be said for sound attenution in the interest of being able to hear the things you'd like in a few years!

Still, I'm glad you're getting out and having fun!

I'm also glad you find a minute for a few words here now and again!