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Friday, June 06, 2008

The last seven/fourteen or so days....
I thought I was going to ease back into everything gently after coming back from holiday, the faits seemed to have other ideas though.

Basically the two weeks I was away, not a stitch or finger was lifted on any of my works projects.
I realised I was at breaking point just before I went away. Being overly grumpy to folk, snapping, ripping the hell out of the odd architect & walking out of work were all pretty good signs. Currently having the work load of the 4 colleagues that have resigned & not been replaced as well as my own is begining to wear a little thin.
Those who know my other web site will note that I've pretty much not produced any new cartoons since the begining of the year. No lunch times , no cartoons . >:O(
All a bit crap.
I seem only to be at home to sleep at the moment.

It was an absolute pleasure Last Friday for Lara to wander out & Meet Pandora & her friends.
Karaoke at the Catherine Wheel was fun. Apologies for being a little quite & grumpy. Just not able to switch off at the moment. Mind elsewhere.

I totaly messed up the day after. For the first time in 10 or so years I forgot I was supposed to be running a training day at the sailing base. I feel so stupid about that .
Turned up two hours late with everyone standing around waiting for me. So stupid. Loosing days.

I missed the big local regatta to, I so wanted to try & capture with my new camera.
A hundred or so sail boats & classic sailing yachts on the narrow river usually makes such an awsome sight.

Sunday was at last some down time , I got to spend the day at a local village fete with my god daughters & friends. So good just to switch & concentrate on the kids for a few hours. Good fun too.
We wandered off in the evening to see Jimmy Carr, which was nice. Slightly more explicit than I had expected , good though.

,but weekends are always spoiled by Mondays & the gut wrenching, relentless, roller coaster of hateful struggle that is just leaving me presently numb.

Monday & Tuesday blur, Wednesday I miss a needed night out fro Lara, I got to the point where I came in late & just can't be bothered. Which annoys & frustrates me further.

Thurday work then committee meetings, which brings me to Friday two weeks after I got back knowing Ive got two solid days of sailing instruction the weekend ahead & then back to the durge.

It's all a bit buggered up at the moment.
I was given the above photo by Nichole a few weeks ago. I think it was Laras second time out. I remember being a bit calmer then.

Not fair.

I wanna go back on holiday.


Jessica Hart said...

Better a bad day on the water than a good day in the office...

Lara Tyg said...

Never a wiser word said :O)