...black Wednesday

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wednesday was set to be a bad day from the start.
Tuesday I had been told at work that deadlines had been brought forward to before the Christmas break.
I tend to engineer my way out of working under pressure through management of my work , but now had to rely on others to bring forward all their works to hit my new dates.
Not fun bearing in mind my current project had been so poorly designed by the overseeing consultant that I was re-designing services schemes & correcting specification errors as I went along.
That said , I was a little wound up on Wednesday & made my position quite clear when I told my boss to "get the fuck out of my face" when repeatedly hovering around me.

I was due to go out, see the girls at the Wheel for the evening
Got home late. Not happy.

Packages for E-bay not turned up yet again. Three & a half weeks & still waiting.

Anyway rushing around like a fool, getting ready to go out. Not really organised & nothing planned out.
I had fixed in my mind that I was going to go out for the first time in a skirt that evening, & lost a lot of time making up my mind, fudging about & dithering.
I decided in the end not to go with the short job (picture below) . I figured that a) a skirt shorter than my hair would be a little over the top for me & b) ~It was too bloody cold.

I settled on being a little dull & conservative, a longish dark pin stripe skirt & black blouse.
(I left the other on underneath as it added a flash of colour & pulled my midriff in a little and also again because it was bloody cold)

So I rush out the door.
Hair in a mess & forgetting a brush.
Realise as I'm halfway down the road I've forgotten to do anything with nails.
Double bugger.

I've never had a problem driving off down the road. Once out I'm generally ok, but arriving at the pub & parking there was a group lurking around in the dark street between me an the bar.
This is the first real panic attack I've ever really suffered, so just sat & waited until they eventually moved a little further on.
The main road outside the pub is quite busy & despite being quite public a little less threatening than the side roads.
(This sounds silly from an ex-rugby playing prop forward ?)
In bloke mode I would have not second thoughts, still so self conscious & unsure of Lara. Dreadful feeling sometimes.

The safety & warmth of the pub is welcoming.

The next minor shock to the system Is I'm the first to arrive.
Its a testament to the friendliness of the place that I didn't turn heels & flee again.

I grab a drink & a quiet seat & taking a few smiles from recognised faces.
Nicola Resident tranny bar staff is there & at last I start to feel a little better.

The girls arrive a while later, a small gathering. Mia , Tara & Jess.

I let the days aggravations go & settle down for the evening.

Black Wednesday finally got some colour.


Penny M said...

Black Wednesday finally got some colour - what a lovely way to sum it up.