Sunday, September 30, 2007

Shortly after I discovered blogger I also discovered flickr.
Ok, I was well behind the times & everyone had moved on to the newer, shinier things, but I was caught in its headlights, maybe still am.

Now Ive been using it in several guises for a couple of years.

Despite the obvious that it can be terribly interesting & absorbing rummaging through peoples photos, art & ideas; I also sometimes find it oddly disturbing.

So who uses Flickr?
Well , every kind of person going. Colourful , beige or black. (yes and I'm aware I would be one considered odd)
What do they use it for ?
I think it boils down to promoting themselves to the world with what ever idea, concept or captured moment they wish to share or pass on.
Basically saying " This is me !" , "This is what I've seen , this is what I've done", "what do you think?"
Guilty by default of my own argument.

However, when ever I post now , I find myself thinking, "isn't this a little desperate. Why am I bothering ?"
Do I care what the world thinks ? Do I need feed back to reassure me I'm OK ?
Am I that insecure that I need to take comfort in the few words of commentary from unknown passers by?

My head says no.
The little voice inside says "oh shit , probably yes"

So I continue to post. Sub consciously needy for attention or not.
Laras photos, the ones I put least effort into attract more attention than I find comfortable. (last count was about 21,000 views)
My main photo set gets viewed now and again.
My cartoons which inadvertently take the most effort rarely get viewed.

Ive given up commenting on anything, I check peoples photos who comment to me.
Often appalled at what I see, often left wondering what the hell would I possible have in common ?

So Flickr has taken on a strange appeal to me. Far from the original, "oh isn't this a nifty little site"
More like freak show. Curiosity with the grim anticipation & fascination of what may turn up when I post.

As I say , oddly disturbing.
I'm sure a good 75% of folk in the world are nuts.
I know its not just Flickr. Blogger, facebook, Myspace, Youtube etc all quite strange
I consider myself pretty strange at times.


Lara Tyg said...

note to self ,

Don't write when tipsy. You dont think sstraight.

Pandora Caitiff said...

Ah yes, you've been commented/added by the scary middleaged men with no public photos and a contact list entirely of trannies, haven't you? :D

As for your cartoons, I tend to view them on your blog rather than at Flickr. I wonder how many others do too.

Is the title a tipsy typo, or a clever pun on Flikr/fickle?

Lara Tyg said...

Yes, being added by some pretty creepy types & the totally anonymous which I find even worse.

But even being complimented by other obviously genuine trannies , I feel a little at odds on quite how to respond, which Im sure is just me not coming to terms with who I am.

As for the title, me trying to be clever I think

Pandora Caitiff said...

I don't tend to respond, except maybe a "thank you" if I feel its deserved.

I'm picky about who I add to my contacts list anyway.

Th ability to graciously accept compliments will come with confidence in yourself.