...my second life

Sunday, July 29, 2007

.....or should that be my third life ?.
Actually no thinking about it , fourth depending on which order I think about my various.

I don't recall how this started, out of curiosity I believe
(raved about by Miss Katherine Everson some time ago I think)
What started out as mild interest has evolved in to a mild addiction.
I'm not one for having an addictive personality , but something has caught my imagination here.
So far inworld , I've exhibited my (cough) art, performed live (I haven't even done this in real life in public) & now I've built an entire sim for the hell of it.
All of it as Lara & for once I'm comfortable with it.

Sad really , but there you go.
It's better than watching telly.

I'm sure my old Commodore 64 didn't allow me to do this.