...a cup tea is less dangerous

Sunday, July 29, 2007

There was a time a short while ago, for various reasons, when I developed an attitude of "do everything once,even if it frightens the crap out of you "
This is one of those things I could never quite bring myself to do. No matter how strong the will.
This weekend I've spent more time as me than as me & made a snap decision to go be me else where.
So I did.
And there I was, ME , being me exposed to the world.
Being irrational & scared witless.
Should I stay home & drink tea or "do every thing twice even though it frightens the crap out of me"
This is still one that neither of me can answer yet I guess.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Congratulations. You've done something that you wanted to do, but scared you.

If you choose to do it again, you can. If you choose not to, at least you are basing our decision on experience rather than fear.

Only you can decide what's right for you. (God I sound like Jerry's Final Thought!)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, do everything at least twice!

(Except jumping off a cliff onto spikes.)

Lara Tyg said...

Thankyou both, I may give it another go , a little better prepared next time & once the heart has stopped pounding.

(I assume everyone goes through this rigmoral ? Or is it me just being anal & pathetic. )

Pandora Caitiff said...

For me everything seems like a dream until five minutes before leaving the house.

Then (even now) I get the terror of "What the hell am I playing at?", "What will the neighbours say?", "Will I get assaulted by chavs?", and "What if I meet someone I work with?"

Once outside it quietens down, but the panic of crossing the threshold of the house always freezes me in fear.

We all react differently.