...Laras Cat

Thursday, April 28, 2016

An explination in prose : -

On the hearth lay Lara's Cat.
It coughed up fur. It hissed. It spat.
It scratched & bit , Clawed the Curtain.
Ate the Budgie,
Though that's not certain.
And all the while it mewed & purred
deep inside it evil stirred.

Curled up in the morning gloom
the cats cold eyes scanned the room
Planning mischief, havoc, play
to break the boredom of the day
And all the while it purred & mewed
deep inside it evil stewed.

Lara's cat raised to it's paws.
Arched it's back , stretched it's claws.
Rested, happy & content.
Flicked it's tail & off it went.
and all the while it lurked & prowled
deep within it evil howled.

...and after a while

Lara's Cat spied the bed.
Lara slumbered at it's head.
With one deft leap she reached the sheets.
then slowly, quietly began to creep.
From deep within the sound of laughter
as evil followed ever after.

Lara's cat, motions slow
She bared her claws & crouched down low
Waited for the perfect moment
to make a play , a deadly movement.
and all the while, deep within
Evil smiled it's Cheshire grin

Lara woke & saw the mog.
smiled & gave the puss a hug.
"Good Cat" said Lara, "Good Cat" she said.
stroked her fur, rubbed her head.
And deep within the badness quelled
as evil vanished and sin dispelled.

The moral of this tale is that,
there were two sides to Lara's cat.
In public a cute and furry mog.
,but deep with in an evil thug.
....and inside me, Well Lara resides
My resident evil and my other side.

Take from this tale what you will,
If your inner self is hiding still
Be it good or full of sin
If it grows without or lurks within.
Take some solice and peace in that
We're all no different from Laras' cat.