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Sunday, January 03, 2010

The holiday season has come & gone.
That survived & even enjoyed this year.
I guess it helps Iv'e been around people this year which has made the difference.


The lead up to Christmas seemed such a blur, so many things to attend , so many dinners.
It seemed like a whole years socialising had been condensed into three weeks.
This culminated with my first Christmas eve, day & boxing day as her, with the minor interuption of Christmas dinner with the folks.
A hurdle for next year maybe.

New years was just great. Went out with friends & let go a little . Even a little drunk. 


Friends alone suprises me. In the last year Iv'e met so many new friends and associates, male female,trans,of all walks of life and social back ground.
This all really just proves to myself that I believe my self confidence has risen a little this year, that I can now interact with folk a little more.
I've done some things that may have filled me with dread 12 months ago.
I'm not all the way there yet,  may never be but I think i'm progressing at my own pace and managing to maintain a certain level of sanity with it.

Well thats it for now. No resolutions for the next year. I shall see what I'm faced with & deal with it then.

Hoping the rest of the year shall, like yesterdays stroll, be a cool calm walk in the park.

Wishing anyone who may read any of this the most pleasent of days for the coming new year.

Catton Park 5



Lara Tyg said...

Oh I just wanted to add. To all those friends I have met this year. Thankyou for all the small kindnessess you have shown. No matter how small or what form they have been greatly appreciated. you have all been wonderful in your own ways this year. All of you just being around made a huge difference to me. may it all continue. Happy new year.