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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

This week has been a tale of being pulled from one thing to another.
For a person who's life has a level of excitement that means opening a new jar of jam is an event the week has been relatively busy.
Work has been such now redundancies have been made that free time is at bit of a premium now.
So my cartoon blog has not been updated for several days , with ever growing gaps between.
Laras been ignored mostly.
I haven't thought about taking a boat out during the evenings for weeks now.
All a bit sad really.
I put this all right this week.

I started the week in a pit of a panic. Getting things ready for a 50th birthday celebration.
Not an individual, but the children's sailing school.
The great & the good of the county were coming along which means I sort of get the short straw as I'm pretty much in charge of maintaining operations.

Never mind. All got done with help. The day went without hitch.
Plus there was sun, sailing, tea and cake, so that was pretty much my day complete

It was nice to have a small fleet of Bitterns return to the water to race on the day. These were commissioned 50 years ago as training boats for our association. About 20 still survive, 10 showed up to race , so pretty good going. (I just loved the bright yellow of the sail cloth against the sky. )

Sunday was a relax day . The odd thing is I spent most of the day, casual in jeans , blouse hanging round the house doing chores , reading & not much else.
I say odd because I just generally don't dress when at home any more.

Monday, work,work, food shopping & crashed out. Didn't even open a new jar of Jam to make the day better. :O(

Tuesday saw me helping out my friend Ruth who's putting together a collection of clothes for sale on her new web site. Still early days for her, but I was happy to help out. Well, done the typical tranny thing & jumped at the chance of a dressing up session. (Quite why she wanted a troll not sure, I expect it was to give a contrast to the clothes).
Anyway , had great fun , myself & my friends Sally & Val. My first make over. Which was a bit of a practice run as it was Christines(Ruths' assistant) first too. We all start somewhere.
Not 100% on the result , too much blusher I thought , I never wear the stuff, so maybe that why photos seemed odd.
Sally On camera was organising the photo shoot in the next door neighbours garden , quite what the neighbours thought of it all I'll not know. Two giggling girls & three giggling trannies running around the garden. Im sure it looked as odd as it seemed.
More photos indoors, a little more difficult in a room no bigger than a rabbit hutch's en suite.
All good fun & chatting into the night went on a little longer than expected( finally left at 3pm oops)

Wednesday. Not satisfied with a night out on Tuesday. Decided to go out Wednesday too.
Popped along to the pub, was supprised & happy to see a few unexpected friends turn up too. Always makes for a nice evening. Another late night Home at 12ish + bed by 2am. Which normally would not be too big a deal, but.....

Thursday morning, up & out of bed at 6am, eyes probably open ay 6:15 as I stumbled around quickly packing gear ready for my lift a 7.
Drove down to Southhampton & grabbed a yacht ready for a few days racing on the Solent.
Another new one on me. I've raced yachts before, but never on congested tidal waters before.
Well to save you the boring details this was a corperate event that was a little more lavish than I had expected. Being told to grab a jacket & tie before I left home should have given the game away I guess. Anyway Two evenings of wining & dinning, two mornings of large breakfasts & two days of racing sort of finnished me off a bit.
The one thing that pleased me was that 12 of the other 14 boats in the regatta had proffessional helms doing the racing. we took it on ourselves & came third overall, only half a boats length from second.

To cap things off, we were given pink as racing colours.
Made me smile inside a little :O)

Sunday Was unfortunately no let off. Back home. Back on the water with a course to teach. but the sun shone again.

Monday , Tuesday back to work. Which leaves me here blogging , tired & starting over again.
What to wear out Wedensday Night :O) ?


Jess said...

So you're one of those dammed Solent racing water hogs :)

How many innocent cruising sailors did you tack in front off then :)-