...red day

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Red & Black

Been experimenting with a little more colour of late.
Desperately trying not to be the little thing in black all the time.
If youre going to stand 6' 1" tall in the crowd being overly noticed , why not make it an over blown statement as your cover is pretty much blown anyway.

In truth I think I have a latent envy going on for Katie.(and what she wore)
Wishing I could get away with or have the chance to get away with her style & guile.

However, envy in it's forms is a poor burden to carry , and in any case we are back to the unwritten rules that guys really arn't supposed to make such peacock like statements.



Pandora Caitiff said...

Pffft! Men can do peacock! Look at the punks, goths, fops, pirates and dandies!

Red seems to suit you by the way :)