...to be forgotten

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A week that to be honest should be forgotten.

The £435-00 gas bill (estimated) arrived this week.
After peeling myself from the ceiling I got to getting the readings confirmed straight away.
Upon opening the cupboard was when I first smelled the gas leak.

A nice night out for Lara on Wednesday & another planned for the Saterday.
Well Sat arrives after a long long working week for which a planned new hospital being built has extremly late in the day come a cropper over planning. My secure job for the next 2 years has now been brought into doubt.

So Saterday should be a welcome distraction.
Got ready , Waited for the all quite, & done the dash to the car & away.
Half way there & at one of the busiest roundabouts in town the timing belt breaks on the car & spreads the some of the more important internal engine components down the road & leaves me holding up a busy nights traffic.

Well I can honestly say youve never seen anyone defrock so quickly within the front seat of a car. ( I'm glad I have the fore thought sometimes for leaving other clothes in the car)
I dont know whether I should call it lucky , but most folk seemed happy to just drive past a stricken vehicle. Glad for the quirk in society for once.

Ok initial panic over, still in half & half mode & jump out & try to push the think off the road.

At which point some kind soul does stop to help. We get it onto the path , not easy , no power stearing & nice heavy deisel engine (in bits).
I thank him & get a very peculiar look for my very peculiar appearance.

Taking stock.
Car off the road
Next move Get rid of makeup.
Done in the dark droping for plain tissues. not a clue if this has come off.

This is when the tap on the window comes.
The car has been recognised, the chap who sits next to me at work & his father are standing beside the car.
I cannot describe the lowness of this point.
I get out , Its dark & I explain the situation. No odd looks.
Which seems odd. It may have been dark enough
Well I agree to a lift to my parents house only a mile away. Happy in the knowlege that they are not there for the night.
Thank the guys as they drop me off & skulk into the night.

No one home , good start.
Get to the bathroom. I appears & havd made a pretty good job. no trace of eye makeup , maybe a little foundation left , but that would not have been seen in the dull light.

Removing all traces of Lara, I make a call & was grateful to get some help towing the car off the roundabout.
10-pm. Good night.

I stayed at my Parents house that night , Sorted things with them in the morning.
I was due to be starting a sailing session 9 am Sunday , No time to cancel.
Agian grateful to my mother for bowwing her car . On Mothers day of all days. (Not supposed to take advantage like that >:O( )

So part 3.
Windy day.
The boat I have been restoring over the winter is taken out with a new crew.
Leaning over the front deck to release a trapped line he punches a hole through the bow tank.
Not good.
To make matters worse while sailing back we run across something in the water & damage the rudder.
While reaching over the back of the boat to sort this out , a gust hits us . Were out of position at this point & over she goes.
So while righting it the chap breaks the internal wooden support strut just to add to the chaos.

Tonight I am going to go to bed.
Sleep well.
Not worry in the slightest these things have happened
and hopefully start a new week afresh.
I see not point in worrying over things , what will be will be.

I shall see tomorrow