...wake up dummy

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I had a bit of a wake up today, leaving me with an odd fuzzy feeling somewhere between surprise & self satisfaction.

I shall be the first to admit & I am tyring my damnedest to overcome it, but I do have serious self confidence issues.

Today though I got a bit of a boost, partly by the realisation that; without hopefully sounding pompous; most of the folk in my industry are a bit incompetent or at best lazy....and that I am actually pretty good at what I do.
I guess this should not come as a surprise, I do tend to be a little nerdy & obsessive about working details.
It's not the kind of thing I sit & mull over often though.

The revelation came in a pre-contract meeting, where the engineering consultants were; shall we say floundering (or should that be foundering?). Whichever. I found myself being played for information & solutions for a project they should have conceived & designed to a far greater degree than that being presented.

I have the answers, so I leave the meeting feeling positive, a bit better about myself . With as I say fuzzy & warm with a little better self esteem.

....So now I've come home tonight & reflected. Urg , never reflect & ponder. I wonder now, could this just have been extreme laziness on their part?
Let the sucker do our work for us ?

So down goes the self confidence levels again , pushed out of the way by rising levels of cynicism.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Occam's Razor.

Which is more likely? Deliberate laziness with malicious scheming; or deliberate laziness, incompetence, and last minute desperate solutions?

From experience I'm going to say the latter. You probably were used, but as a very welcome branch to a drowning man rather than as the patsy in a vast conspiracy :)

alan said...

I don't miss this part of the job I did for 30 years...no matter where I was it seemed that I was "thrown to the wolves" and left to figure it out on my own...

Of course, those in charge always took the credit!