...Unresolved year

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Time for new resolutions ?
Hmm. I'll come back to that.

Not quite sure what to say about new years night.
The 'Oscars' themed fancy dress didn't quite kick off in the pub.
Lots of folk. Very few participants.
Which left me feeling a little overdressed for the evening.

(Retrospective is a terrible thing that should be ignored by the self conscious, road to madness.)

I grabbed a photo before I left the house last night. Should have looked at it before stepping out I think.
Did I say over dressed. Under dressed &
practically naked would be a more accurate optimisation of the phrase. Bare skin should not be my thing.

Anyway , quiet evening. Good to see Pandora, Sally and the one that shall remain nameless.

(no really she didn't have a name, which I kind of admire the lack of pretence)

Anyway , back to a point . Its new year. Resolution time.
Resolutions, Non resolution. I think the only thing that I resolved to do last year was to be a bit more positive about everything.
This is a pretty hard one to judge. I think the mere fact that I'm being wavey on this achievement & have not resolved to do anything for this coming year kind of suggests that was a bit of a failure.

I think I should just carry this one over to this year & add Stop being so vague to the list.


Misty Luna said...

Happy New Year - I hope its a good one for you.
I wish I'd brought in the New Year as Misty - well done to you Lara
I hope you dont mind, but Ive added your blog to my blog roll
Please feel free to add me if you wish
All the best for 2009

Pandora Caitiff said...

Happy New Year!

Nice to see you again. You looked great, stop fretting. But yes, the theme was bit half-hearted, and you weren't the only one feeling over-dressed.

Good luck with the resolution too!