...tuned out

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I made the list lately of bands & groups I've seen play live & got to thinking just how shallow my musical taste must be.(or been)

The Almighty x2
Alice Cooper (A must see show :O) )
AC/DC (meh, whats all the fuss about ?)
AeroSmith x2
Black Crows
Guns & Roses
Hawkwind x7 (Catch them before they disappear, they wont disappoint)
Helloween x2
Iron Maiden x2 + (& once as the Nodding Donkeys).
Motorhead x6 (What a live act !!! )
Megadeth x2
Metallica x2
Kings of Leon
Queesryche x2
Def Leopard x4 (4 times not by choice though)
Terravision x2
Thunder x4 (Yay)
Motley Crue
Skid Row
Sepultura x3
Pantera x1
Pride & Glory
Cry of Love
Loverboy (by accident, & what a bad accident)
The Wildhearts
The Kooks
Ozzy Osbourne
Paradise Lost
Fear Factory
3 colours red x2
George Melly ( Yes, & he was quite good in an eclectic way)
Transvision Vamp (Swoon, Wendy. My all time favorite slut)

Mostly all rock & thrash metal so it seems, which is odd because my taste is way more diverse & broader than this.
I think I can put this down to three things.
1) The festivals I used to go to were a bit one dimensional.
2) The other folk I would have like to have seen didn't come to little backwaters like mine.
3) There's a difference between the music you like to listen to on occasion & the people you think "hell, I want to travel 150 miles & pay £40 to hear them play . woohoo"

So whats got me thinking all this is that it's festival season again. I could never be bothered with the big ones that have grown up , i.e 'V' & Reading, & Glastonbury is well, just too far for a wet weekend.
However 'Latitude' has raised its head over the last couple of years & its got me considering going under canvas for the first time in years.
Back to 4 days of eclectic variety.

I think the Mars Volta playing pricked my ears up, but the addition of acts like Bill Bailey & Rich Hall playing the comedy stage made me thing yay . That may be pretty cool.

...and so they kept adding to the bill , Blondie , Iain Banks (One of my fave writers giving a talk) & to top it for me a chance to see Joanna Newsom had me pretty much convinced.

So, I better try & find the tent & wellies.
I bet it rains :O(