...must be near full moon again

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The lunar cycle comes around again & the weretranny runs off into the night again.

It's odd not dressing for a long while then having the compulsion twice within the week. Being whimsical again. Oh well.

Well another night at the wheel was planned. Knots in the stomach all day as per usual. Running things for the evening through an already full head.

I was planning to go out in a long pencil skirt & a slightly more colourful blouse than I would normally dare.

Ive only gone out a couple of times in skirts & never anything shorter than my knees. The self conscious prude in me I guess wont let me.

So am I surprised that after running around like a fool getting ready I fluster , panic & end up ditching it all & going for familiar black , black, black. (blonde hair & black = pint of Guinness look)

Any way for once , I overcome my inhibitions and exit the house in the twilight trying to avoid folk in the street outside & swiftly totter off to the safety of my car. (shall we call this movement the R.T.M. state : Rapid Thigh Movements) It must look quite ungainly. Hoping there was no-one to observe.

The short drive is one that never really worries me, nor is the short walk at the other end, but it was nice to meet Nichole in the car park. It always helps with that entering a public house moment. (all heads turn , piano player stops to the sound of pins dropping etc.).

Anyway once inside , Pepsie in hand & having sorted out the wind ravaged tangle that's my hair all was good & comfortable again.

Nice to see some other trans folk in there that night , Nichole, Becky , Alison & Katie made for a small but chatty & friendly symposium for the evening . Talk was a little more frank than I'm used to . Again with the naive prudishness on my part, but the humour was good & I came away pleasantly happy again.

Now 12am comes along & it suddenly dawns on me as I arrive home that , a) I have work to go to early in the morning & b) my mum was very likely to pop around that next day.

The full house de-princess and shakedown took till about 1:15am. Not the best finish to a good night, but needs must .

So whats next. Well there was talk of a Rocky night next week. The horror show that is , not the boxer. I may be tempted out again. We will see. The weretranny may roam again soon.


Pandora Caitiff said...

I popped to the Wheel last night for the Eighties karaoke night. Loads of fun! And I really like the venue.

I'll probably be there for the Rocky night next Friday too. Come say hi if you decide to go.

Although be wary of first impression due to the nature of the night ;)