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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

After a pretty appalling week, I had a needed chance to unwind this weekend.
This started early on Saturday. The sailing season started in full again & although I was not involved in running any the courses or teaching. I spent a few hours at the dinghy park quietly repairing a few things while bedlam was reflected all around me. I know that sounds a bit dull, but the place is relaxing & familiar. I needed the conformation all was in working order & something at the moment was running smoothly. The workshops a warm & comfortable haven. (yikes is this the start of my 'Garden shed' years ? ! ) Yet it was good to see the place run wild with happy children again after the winters break.
It also allowed me to wallow smuggly. When ever anyone asked for replacing of a missing bit or where something was for once I was able to help instantly.
Time spent organising pays off & gave a sort of satisfaction I have been missing for the past few weeks . It's my turn to be in charge starting next week. Unitil then....

Sunday was another early start, I drove back from my mothers house on the coast & took the short stroll from home into the cathedral grounds nearby.
Short because all that stands between me and it is the river.
The morning cool and crisp, light blue sky & fluffy white clouds, no breeze. All very pleasant. Propper April weather.

Anyway the purpose was a Flickr group meet.
Local photographers that put me to shame, but such nice folk. Lots of geek camera speak that I find captivating & a little confusing at times.
The idea for the day was to spend a couple of hours around the Cathedral & just see how people interpret what they find, then post them up on Flickr that night.

...but it's really an excuse to meet & chin wag really with folk with a common passion.

My efforts below

Now, I've lived within the old medieval city walls for some 20+ years now & know the place pretty well, but like anything you never really know something not unless you stop & look.
Always rushing past. I spotted things on Sunday Ive never noticed before.

I guess I'm lucky to live here. I have the river & heathland yards from my front door, the city center 10 minutes walk away & the coast only half an hours drive.
I don't take it for granted, its a nice place.
But for the day the Cathedral grounds where a good tonic for me. Quiet & without urgency.
The calming agent I need at the moment.

The flickr group also with such good humour, full of odd ideas & giving me a bit of an excuse to be geeky & anal with my camera without be judgemental.
The chat, the tea & scones in the temporary tea room in the rectory were nice as well.

I also learned that Moffat smells. Which made me smile & chuckle out loud.


Isobel said...

Unfortunately I was working - so I managed to avoid having to explain why I look so different in real life ;o)
Still, there's next time...

Jessica Hart said...

Hi, my names Moffat and I'm not happy.....

Lara Tyg said...

Next time I think is the weekend of Sparkle, which is a bit of a bugger.

Sorry little Miss Moffat.
It could be the fatty curds that is leading to this antisocial aroma stigma you know.