...TV evils.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The holiday break has been one of the few times this year I've sat & watched some TV.
It has sort of confirmed my thoughts on the subject.
TV; like the night sky; has a few bright points with a whole lot of dull, empty nothing in between.

(Is this why they called it Sky ?)

Well I'm not going to deride it , I'm sure it has many good bits. Millions of Ovis Aries would agree. It just struggles to hold my attention for the majority of the time.

However. Other than the Queen & Doc Who which are sort of mandatory viewing for English folk, the two gems that warrant praise were my first view of Pans' Labyrinth & Hot Fuzz.
Both films. (or movies if under the age of 35)

The first, although dark & brutal in places was just gripping from start to finish.
Call it a fairy tale ?
It mixes a fantasy tale against the harsh backdrop of the Spanish civil war seamlessly & so well.
Beautifully shot. The reality is grubby, harsh & grim, fantasy is grubby harsh & dark.
Probably not one for the under eights out there.
Every one dies harshly in the end , yet it's a happy ending.

Any way it's popped into my list of top foreign language cinema.

Akira, La Femme Nikita, Crouching Tiger , Independence day etc.

(What do you mean Independence Day was not a foreign language film ? They spoke pure shite all the way through. Ask any geek or science student)

The second Hot Fuzz I missed at the Cinema.
Now I finally caught it.
I sniggered & giggled all the way through.
Not belly laughs , just fun. Me the TV & a warm inner glow.
Ok it's not Shaun of the Dead. Don't matter.
It has some of the same subtle background humor all the way through.
Cleverly silly dialogue and wonderful interaction between the two main characters, an outrageous shoot em up & Bill Bailey. What more could you ask for?
(You've got to love the incidental background music for each murder.)

....& the rest of Christmas telly was crap .

So there.

I'm off to find a Cornetto .

Jog on .


Pandora Caitiff said...

I made the effort to see Pan's Labyrinth too. It was compelling wasn't it. Not sure about the ending though. I'd like to see it as a "happy" ending to. Though I'm sure I could argue a case for a delusional depressing ending if so inclined.

I saw Hot Fuzz at the cinema. I laughed a lot. All I have to say is "SWAN!"