...thought de-composition.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Throughout each day there are a dozen things I would like to put into text.
If for no other reason than to put my thoughts into some order.
I like neat & tidy.
I crave it.
My head is basically muddled, & the text brings some clarity & structure.
Unfortunately I'm not one of the great literates.
Punctuation , structure & clause more than often give way to rambling trains of thought spewed across the screen like a Jackson Pollock.

Give me a subject that I know in depth & I will write & flawless technical account. It will be dead , but legible.
Ask me to write about my self or a passion & all falls apart. Ive tried a number of times to account for my life , the way I am. To justify to myself in writing to see if it makes any further sense to me.
Fortunately all of which remain unpublished, but never the less remain for me to read in retrospect to see if I can gauge any insight in to my mind state.

My solution is to panic.
I don't put things in order, I don't write.
I distract myself. I draw.
I draw & even then the randomness of my thought processes comes to the fore.

It takes some time to figure why I jot down some of the things I do.
So how they come across to others I can't imagine.


Anonymous said...

You can over-think things.

Not me though... I haven't even thought if there's a point to this comment. :)

Lara Tyg said...

Thought so :O)