...what go outside?...are you mad ?

Friday, August 31, 2007

A year ago I swore I would never go out. The very concept of the idea was something that filled me dread.
So what's changed in a year ? Well, nothing.
Nothing that is that I am aware of.
I'm still the shyest , most self conscious person ever to totter the Earth.
Paranoid & expecting an angry mob, pitchforks & torches around every corner.

The trouble is I am also terribly curious about many things.
Curiosity nags away at me & overrides my rational.

So last night curiosity kicked down the door in it's 4" heels & ventured out, blinking into the day light to see what would happen.

Public !......a mixture of excitable butterflies & gut wrenching panic.

What happened was nothing.
...mostly nothing.

I think a few little mental switches were thrown , but curiosity satisfied ?
No...., I don't know.
Curiosity is a funny beast. It grows stronger the more you starve it.

S0, no angry mob, no celebrity surprise party.
Just me.

I'm wondering if society has been trained to ignore what it does not want to see or I am creating my own SEP field.

I now know driving in 2" heels is a unique experience.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Driving in heels? Madness I say!

(I drive in flats and change at my location - its a safety thing).

Most people appear to be far too busy to bother with trannies. Its only the lack-wit chavs and work-shy teenage girls who seem to have the time to bother us.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I saw the pictures but I assumed it was your back garden or something, I didn't realise it was "out out". :-)

Well done. Nothing to be scared of, eh? :-)

Lara Tyg said...

Nope , top floor flat for me which makes sneaking out pretty darn difficult.

...but still plenty to be scared of...mostly to do with me though.